We care

Petite laure - Otulacze i kocyki dla niemowlątWe are proud to create: we invent, sew and test our products in Poland. All baby accessories produced under Petite Laure’s needle are made in line with our values, and only in sew houses in which we have verified their excellent labour quality and fair treatment of employees. We believe that refined tailoring requires not only a perfect cut and stitch but also exquisite craftsmanship and equal respect for the precision of seams and the work of seamstresses.

We care about the quality of our products as well as the conditions in which they are made. We collaborate mostly with small local manufacturers and sewing houses with trusted work ethics. While selecting subcontractors, we recognise the importance of mutual respect, hard work and diligence. We pursue both perfect products and fair conditions for the people involved in the production process.

Both the first and last centimetre of a yarn are on our radar. Being aware that the accessories we produce will shape children’s worlds, we want them to be cozy from the first touch and sight.

Our products are wrapped in reusable cotton bags, our sets are packed in recycled cases, and our bands are made of recycled materials, too. We do our best to make the most of each bale of material, down to the last scrap.

While establishing Petite Laure, it was crystal clear that we will share not only our joy of creation but would also support charities. We regularly donate to foundations, the largest charity portal in Poland – Siepomaga, hospices, and also join fundraising for the seriously ill and those in a great need.

Thank you for supporting us in these initiatives by purchasing Petite Laure products.