About us

Paulina Wudarczyk - Petite Laure

Petite Laure is the dynamically growing Polish brand created by a young mum, Paulina. We make the lives of babies and toddlers cozier by producing beautiful, soft, and safe diapers, blankets and swaddles that are pleasant to touch. All of our products for a baby’s layette are manufactured from carefully selected, natural, raw materials and sewn in Poland, according to ethical fashion guidelines.

Petite Laure’s original designs are inspired by journeys of Paulina, who after 18 years of corporate financial risk analysis decided to instead create objects that give kids a sense of safety and make their parents happy.

The organic cotton, bamboo and linen that go to our dye and sewing houses are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified. We use materials of the highest quality as well as only certified dyes, and when testing textiles, we wrap our own children and friends’ kids in Petite Laure products first.

Our creation process sews passion and an attention to the smallest detail into every product. We want everything that comes out of our hands to be associated with something special and build memories of a happy childhood from a baby’s very first moments. From the first sketch to the last seam, from the idea to the product and its packaging, we know that by trusting Petite Laure, you won’t be disappointed. You will receive unlimited joy and a sense of safety for even the youngest child.

Today we can proudly confirm that Petite Laure has been appreciated not only by parents in Poland, but also in the USA, Canada, the Arab Emirates, Mexico and most European countries. Contrary to the name, we will not rest on our laurels and remain small – we intend to constantly expand our assortment with new categories and grow together with our children.

Welcome to Petite Laure.